Baker Hughes Company is an American international industrial service company and one of the world’s largest oil field services companies. The company provides the oil and gas industry with products and services for oil drilling, formation evaluation, completion, production and reservoir consulting

Type 1700 Maxiflow* Safety Valve

The 1700 Maxiflow high-pressure safety valve is a premium product that is installed on a
majority of power generating stations worldwide to help protect boilers from overpressure conditions.
• Inlet Sizes: 1 1/2″ through 6″
• Inlet Ratings: ANSI Class 600 through 4500
• Outlet Sizes: 3″ through 10″ flanged
• Outlet Ratings: ANSI Class 150 and 300
• Orifice Sizes: Eleven sizes – 1 through RR
• Set Pressure Range: 100 psig to 5360 psig
• Temperature Range: Up to 1120°F
• Materials: Alloy and carbon steel cast body with stainless steel trim
• Certification: ASME Section I and VIII,PED and SQL

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