3900 Pilot-Operated Safety Relief Valve

The type 3900 pilot-operated safety relief valve is a non-flowing design available in a modulating or pop-action pilot.The 3900 POSRV is suitable for the overpressure protection of many pressurized systems and vessels in the chemical, petrochemical, paper mill, oil and gas production and transmission
Specifications :
• Inlet Sizes: 1″ through 10″
• Outlet Sizes: 2″ through 10″
• Orifice Sizes: Fourteen sizes- D throughT
• Set Pressure Range: 15 to 6250 psig
• T emperature Range: -40°F to 505°F
• Materials: Stainless steel pilot with carbon steel main valve and SS Trim
• Certification: ASME Section VIII,PED and SQL
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